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Ghost 2G Proprietary Blend

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Ghost 2G Proprietary Blend THCP/THCH/THCB/D8/CBN

THC-P: strongest known derivative, producing an intense and euphoric high.
THC-H: relaxing, relieving, mental and physical buzz
THC-B: pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, great for sleep
D8: body high, relaxing, calming, reduces anxiety, appetite stimulant; most comparable to indica dominant strains. 
CBN: mildly intoxicating, produces sedating effects great for relaxation and sleep.


-    Apple Fritter: this strain is known for bringing on a powerful and relaxing experience
-    Biscotti: this strain produces a relaxed feeling and increases creativity
-    Girl Scout Cookies: this popular strain is known for leaving you happing, hungry, and stress free
-    Maui Wowie: this strain produces high energy euphoria with active motivating effects
-    Northen Lights: this strain induces full body relaxation and stillness of the mind